Bob Blacklaw Tribute Meeting at Illabo Motorsport Park May 22, 2021, by Keith Nicholls

Bob Blacklaw @ Illabo Motorsport Park May 22, 2021
Photo by Keith Nicholls
Keith captured highlights of the action from the Bob Blacklaw Tribute Meeting at Illabo Motorsport Park; as well as the Tribute Dinner held later in the evening at the Junee Ex-Services Memorial Club.

In addition to the Tribute to Bob Blacklaw, the day saw a number of special occurrences at the event, including:

  1. Splitting, for the first time, the Karts & Midgets runs before lunch and then holding the other Vintage Speedway category runs after lunch
  2. The new “Winner’s Dias” was used to present the awards to the Junior Karts winners
  3. The Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer was borrowed so we could collect single use cans and plastic bottle to raise extra funds
  4. We experimented with videoing some of the event, including a “Live Stream” to Facebook
  5. Kyla, Gaswork’s youngest, and only female, Kart Driver debuted with her first public drive
  6. Our members helped Dylan, a young volunteer with Gasworks Motorsport Inc, to raise over $2,100 for Multiple Sclerosis research, as he mother, Miranda (who also volunteers with us) has this horrible disease

To read more about these occurrences, and to see the photos taken by Ben O’Malley please visit the seperate gallery.

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