Incorporated Association Status

The Gas Works Motorsport Incorporated ASIC Record
The Gas Works Motorsport Incorporated
Extract of ASIC Record
The Gasworks Motorsport Incorporated was registered on August, 21, 2013 by NSW Fair Trading.

We are a registered Association.
Our Registration Number is INC1301041.


Association Name

Our full legal entity name is The Gas Works Motorsport Incorporated.



scroll constitution The Constitution for Gas Works Motorsport Inc is based on the model rules, with some modifications.

The Constitution was last updated, by a vote of the membership, at a Special General Meeting held on July 29, 2017.

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Not for Profit Status

Not for Profit
Gasworks Motorsport Inc
is a non-profit entity
As per Section 41 of our Constitution, the Association is a non-profit entity.

Subject to the Act and the Regulation, the association must apply its funds and assets solely in pursuance of the objects of the association and must not conduct its affairs so as to provide a pecuniary gain for any of its members.

Note: Section 5 of the Act defines “pecuniary gain” for the purpose of this clause.


Code of Conduct

Members must not:

  1. Refuse or neglect to comply with a provision or provisions of the Club Constitution

  2. Willfully act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Club

  3. Behave in a manner contrary to this Code of Conduct

  4. Act in a disrespectful, anti-social, abusive or undesirable manner towards another person or persons

  5. Do anything that may harm the reputation of the Club or any of its members

  6. Drive an unregistered or uninsured vehicle on Club runs (off road activities excluded)

  7. Partake in a Club activity under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  8. Challenge the decision of judges at car shows and motorsport events

  9. Disobey safety instructions issued by a Committee Member

  10. Discuss issues on behalf of the Club to persons outside the Club without the prior approval of the Club Committee.


Members must:

  1. Treat other people as they want to be treated themselves
  2. Be familiar with the Club Code of Conduct
  3. Obey the Road Rules as prescribed also noting road rules in relation to cyclists
  4. Take responsibility for their own actions. The Club will not accept responsibility for the negligence or actions of any person or persons whatsoever
  5. Ensure that motor vehicles on Club runs are registered and roadworthy. 3rd party property insurance, as a minimum, is highly recommended to be carried
  6. Make any complaints or suggestions about the Club to a Committee Member to give the Management Committee an opportunity to address the issue raised
  7. Advise the Club Membership Secretary of any changes to contact details

Penalties can include reprimand, run exclusion, suspension or expulsion from the Club.