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You MUST download, and read, the Sub-Regs!

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You MUST be a current financial member of a recognised car club to participate as a driver. If you’re not already a member of another recognised car club that is receiving invites to our events at Illabo Motorsport Park, you can join Gasworks Motorsport — and indicate on the form that you’re interested in Khanacross.

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Gasworks Motorsport Khanacross Driver Participation

Gasworks Motorsport Khanacross Driver Participation


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What vehicles can be used in Khanacross?

Virtually any four-wheeled vehicle can be used for Khanacross events, including:

  • cars
  • utes
  • off-road karts
  • side by side ATV

If in doubt, ask us before you buy or enter an event!


Mandatory Vehicle & Driver Requirements

Khanacross at Illabo Motorsport Park
There are a couple of mandatory vehicle and driver requirements, including:

  • Drivers can compete from as young as 12 years old, however they must have a suitably experienced adult in the passenger seat. In addition, juniors aged under 18, must have Parent or Guardian written consent to compete.
  • The vehicle must mechanically sound with effective seat belts, steering and brakes, along with roadworthy street tyres.
  • Road registration is NOT required! but obviously you’ll need to transport the vehicle on a suitable trailer to and from Illabo Motorsport Park.
  • A 1kg fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within reach of the driver (The link is an example — others may also be suitable)
  • Ideally, a laminated front windscreen should be fitted to the vehicle OR a helmet, fitted with a full visor, is required for vehicles without a windscreen.
  • All competitors must wear ankle to wrist clothing of a non synthetic material and fully enclosed footwear, also a helmet (non-motorcross style) to at least Australian standards must be worn whilst on the track.
  • All competitors must hold an appropriate Motorsport licence and a recognised Car Club membership. If you’re not a member of another recognised car club, you can join Gasworks Motorsport.