Kyla — Gaswork’s youngest, and only female, kart driver debuts at Illabo Motorsport Park

Kyla on her maiden run
at Illabo Motorsport Park. May 22, 2021.
Photo by Ben O’Malley
At the young age of 12, Kyla, is currently Gasworks Motorsport Inc’s youngest, and only female, Kart Driver!

Kyla had her maiden run at Illabo Motorsport Park on May 22, 2021, in a “prototype” kart. She was the only Junior Driver in the Gasworks All-Sorts Karts Division on the day, so her first few runs where solo — a daunting prospect for a young lady! But she handled herself extremely well, having five runs in total. For her final run, she was joined by Michael, another new junior kart driver, which turns out was also his maiden run @ Illabo Motorsport Park!

Kyla lives on the south coast of New South Wales, in a coastal town called Ulladulla where she is in year 6 at school. Kyla is an only child to her mother Nicole and the eldest grandchild to Nicole’s parents, Dick and Estelle.

Kyla’s Pa, Dick Drury, has raced Speedway since the early ’70’s. He has raced Sedans and Sprintcars over the years and these days Dick has a super modified, Number 8, that is silver and green, that he runs with the Vintage Sprintcar Association of N.S.W, as well as with the N.S.W. Vintage Modified Association.

Kyla receiving some last minute words of advice from her Pa (Dick) before her inaugural run while Mum and Nan (Nicole and Estelle) chat in the background.
Illabo Motorsport Park May 22, 2021
Photo by Ben O’Malley
All three generations of the Drury family enjoy coming to Illabo, having come to Illabo since the track first started in 2014, which Nicole stating “it’s is a great track and everyone is so friendly.” They make the trip out for all the vintage meetings, having only missed a few in the Track’s history. Dick, in particular, likes attending Illabo as it is the only dedicated track for Vintage Speedcars and he thinks it’s important to support these county tracks so they don’t disappear like so many others have.

Dick has been back in speedway since Kyla was 2 years old so she has known no different and Nicole is very happy Kyla has had the chance to grow up like she got to grow up — Around Speedway :).

Kyla has 2 younger cousins who she is close to; Jackson, 5 years old, and his sister Ellie, 20 months old. Jackson likes motorsports as his father (Kyla’s uncle and Nicole’s brother-in-law) owns a rally car. All three grandkids love watching Pa at the Speedway.

Kyla’s other interests include participating in junior kick defence twice a week, reading and listening to music. Kyla has also learnt to drive a car so sometimes drives around her Nan and Pa’s property. When Kyla grows up she wants to be a truck driver and mechanic.

When the opportunity was presented for Kyla to get her speedway licence and have a run at Illabo in the junior slider karts she was excited and we jumped at the chance to make it happen for her.

Kyla is keen to have a go, as she loves the speedway and this is a great starting point for her to build her confidence and driving ability. If Kyla wishes to move into other divisions as she gets older she has the full support of her family.

Kyla in her Kart, with her Pa (Dick) and Mum (Nicole) accompanying her
Illabo Motorsport Park May 22, 2021
Photo by Ben O’Malley
She has a kart that Dick built a few years ago. Kyla’s kart wasn’t custom built for her — it was actually a prototype for a project he was running with high school kids.

Kyla has ended up running the kart around her grandparent’s property for the last 3 years. So to get her out on the track at Illabo and gain some experience, while having some fun, was the next step for her.

There isn’t a local track for Kyla to use, so any practice she does is on her Nan and Pa’s property. Often Jackson gets in his buggy or uncle or mother get in another kart and they have a run around together.

The engine in the kart is a Honda 110cc postie bike motor. The number 8 is in fitting with her Pa’s number on his super modified.

Kyla got her Speedway Australia licence and safety gear and helmet in April. She used some of her birthday money to buy her gloves and neck collar and Mum generously paid for the rest for her.

Kyla, Nicole, Dick and Estelle all have a family membership with Gasworks Motorsport Inc.

Kyla had her first run at Illabo Motorsport Park on May 22, 2021 for the Bob Blacklaw tribute meeting and she had a wonderful time. She was able to have five runs for the day and everyone was so supportive of her.

Kyla can’t wait to come back on the 7th August event at Illabo Motorsport Park to have some more fun — and hopefully she’ll have more slider kart juniors out on the track with her!

Thanks to Kyla’s mum, Nicole, for providing the background information for this story.


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