Gasworks Motorsport Inc Vintage Speedway Registration

** NOMINATIONS are COMPULSORY and need to be received no later than TEN DAYS PRIOR THE EVENT. Failure to do so may mean you are excluded from scheduled events as published in the program.

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    Entrants MUST be a member of an AVCSNB sanctioned Classic or Vintage Speedway Club



    By submitting this form, I, the above named Entrant, agree;

    • To abide by the Speedway Australia Code of Conduct and Constitution and Bi-laws as set out by the governing body Australian Vintage/Classic Speedway National Body.

    • To abide by the Code of Conduct for Illabo Motorsport Park “Sheather Circuit”

    • I have downloaded, read, and understand the Entry Package and Sub-Regs from the Event Announcement Page on the Gasworks Motorsports Inc website

    Code of Conduct for Illabo Motorsport Park “Sheather Circuit”

    1. Demonstration participants must at all times exercise control, “over driving “will not be tolerated and will jeopardize other drivers, officials and or crew and may result in being excluded from the event.
    2. Driver’s deliberately bumping or chopping, or otherwise acting in an aggressive manner will be cautioned by the Chief Steward enforcing the rules as set down by AVSCNB, an occurrence of a second offence will see the driver ejected to the spectator area.
    3. Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed by drivers less than 12 hours before the scheduled start time of the demonstrations.
    4. No Alcohol is permitted in the pit area until the completion of the demonstrations.
    5. All participants to acknowledge directions from Illabo Motorsport Park staff as requested.
    6. Remember they are volunteers and give up their time so you can enjoy your motorsport.
    7. Pit admission is to those 16 years and over with enclosed foot wear, no pets or animals.
    8. Any queries or requests on the day to be directed to the Chief Steward.