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Special General Meeting (August 2020)

The Committee have called a Special General Meeting under Section 27 (1) of the Constitution for The Gas Works Motorsport Inc to move TWO resolutions. As per Section 28 (2) this notice hereby provides a minimum of 21 days notice of the Special General Meeting.

The Special General Meeting shall be held at 10:30am on Saturday, August 8, 2020 at the Junee Ex-Services Club.


  1. Open of Special General Meeting
  2. Attendance & Apologies
  3. Special Resolutions
    1. MOTION: Replace the exisiting Constitution of “The Gas Works Motorsports Inc” (adopted July 29, 2017) with the standard Model Constitution (2016).
    2. MOTION: Change the name of the Association from “The Gas Works Motorsport Inc” to “Gasworks Motorsport Inc” OR to “Gasworks Motorsport Riverina Inc” OR to “Gasworks Motorsport Junee Inc”.
  4. Close of Special General Meeting

As per Section 28 (3) of the Constitution no other business shall be conducted at the Special General Meeting.

Background on the Motions

Change to Constitution
The Constitution was last updated, by a vote of the membership, at a Special General Meeting held on July 29, 2017.

Unfortunately there are a number of errors and inconsistencies included in the current Constitution and by reverting back to the standard, unmodified Model Constitution we remove these inconsistencies.

Some of the current inconsistencies include, but are not limited to;

Section 14 (5) (1) reads;
(1) The committee is to consist of:
(a) the office-bearers of the association, and
(b) at least 3 ordinary committee members,
each of whom is to be elected at the annual general meeting of the association under clause 15.
Note. Section 28 of the Act contains further requirements concerning eligibility for membership and composition of the committee.

And then Section 14 (5) (2) reads;
(2) The total number of committee members is to be 4

The first part suggests that we NEED SEVEN members on the Executive Committee… part two contradicts this by saying there is a maximum of 4. (The Model Constitution is the same for Section 14 (5) (1) but Section 14 (5) (2) says the total is 7). This should be corrected (by bringing it back into line with the Model Constitution with 7 members)

There are TWO Sections 19 (GWM Inc Sub Committees, inserted into the model rules) and then Removal of Committee Members (which is the original Section 19). The ‘extra’ Section 19 suggest that there can only ever be THREE sub-committees (and we now have a number of new ones, especially the Wagga Sedans). The creation of Sub-Committees can, and should, be better handled by By-Laws

There are other additional Addendums and Amendments that can also be better handled by By-Laws for greater flexibility and connivence to update as required (and without need of calling a Special General Meeting of the membership)

Future updates to the Model Constitution will automatically apply, but we always retain the right to adopt a new “custom” Constitution, if so desired.

Download current constitution »

download model constitution »

Change to Association Name
At present, the Association’s Legal Entity Name is “The Gas Works Motorsport Incorporated”.

The motion is to remove the word “The” from the title, remove the Space between the words “Gas” and “Works” (making it a single work) and to make the “W” in Works lowercase, to bring it inline with our common usage when referring to the Association – ie “Gasworks Motorsport Inc”.

NOTE: We must supply the Office of Fair Trading with THREE options, in order of preference, in case there is an existing conflict or other objection(s). Hence the provision of the three proposed names, however, the Committee’s strong recommendation is to support the adoption of “Gasworks Motorsport Inc” as the first option. The other two are provided as options in the unlikely case that the first is not accepted by the Office of Fair Trading.