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New Amenity Block Opened at Illabo Motorsport Park

Steph Cooke MP, the Member for Cootamundra, officially opened the new unisex, accessible amenities block at Illabo Motorsport Park on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Thanks to the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program, a grant of $29,892 was awarded to Gasworks Motorsports Inc to build a brand new unisex, fully accessible, amenities block, at Illabo Motorsport Park. The works also included the installation of a new septic tank and fencing.

Kerry Phelan, Secretary of Gasworks Motorsport Inc, during his opening remarks, asked the rhetorical question “What’s all this fuss over a toilet?”; following up with the pragmatic response of “We’re upgrading from some old, tired, temporary facilities — so it’s a very important addition in expanding our facilities at Illabo Motorsport Park, as it allows us to meet, and exceed, spectators and visitors expectations”

Through visitation of participants (drivers and pit crew, as well as volunteers) and spectators who have come to Illabo (and Junee) to attend our Vintage Speedway events over the last seven years, there has been over half a million dollars injected into the local economy. Mr Phelan said “By constantly improving the facilities and amenities available at Illabo Motorsport Park, as well as other projects occurring across the entire Illabo Showground Prescient, we are encouraging not only our current visitors to return time and time again; we are also enticing new visitors to attend future events at Illabo.”

It’s not only the visitors, participants and volunteers at Illabo Motorsport Park that will now benefit from access to modern, clean and accessible rest rooms — so too will other user groups based at Illabo Showgrounds. The Amenity Block has been situated between the speedway track’s spectator area and adjacent to an access gateway of the main equestrian arena, so multiple usergroups based within the Illabo Showground Prescient will have ready access to this new facility.

As part of the collaboration between the multiple community groups using the Showgrounds, the new building has been specially painted to reduce sun glare that could startle horses.

“Motorsport clearly has a bright future in Illabo and I am proud the NSW Government has been able to support this with these new amenities,” Ms Cooke said. “It’s wonderful to see the partnership here at the wider Illabo Showground site, with consideration being given to all showground users by the Speedway. There’s a sense that when one succeeds, all succeed.”


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