Illabo Motorsport Park, Press Releases

CANCELLED — June 20, 2020 Event

June 20, 2020 Practice Run Event CANCELLED

To: Entrants for our Practise meeting on the 20th June 2020

Statement from Gasworks Motorsport Inc on behalf of its Illabo Motorsport Events Sub Committee.


It is with a great sense of regret that we have to cancel our upcoming practise day for the June 20, 2020 for the most part due to State Gov Departments not being on the same page.

Here are the facts as we understand them:

On May the 20th Speedway Australia issued guidelines for the resumption of NSW Speedway Racing under COVID-19 restrictions under the heading: “RETURN TO RACING”

Based on this advice, and the conditions therein, and in good faith, it was clear for us to go ahead and schedule the much anticipated practise day for the 20th June.

Accordingly, we prepared the event sub regs with the inclusion of the “Return to Racing” COVID-19 guidelines and sent out to our Speedway constituents.

We applied to Speedway Australia for the Event Permit and attended to other administrative tasks required to meet with our obligations as track promoters.

On sending out the event notice we were surprised to learn that within a short time we were overwhelmed with our Vintage & Racing divisions wanting to come for a run.

Encouraged by this support, our Volunteers have set about to prepare our Illabo Motorsport Park Track for the event.

Our local motels and service industry providers applauded our efforts in us getting back to business and running events at Illabo after the COVID-19 Shutdown.

Then earlier this week, we were totally “blindsided” when we received this notice, which left us no option, but to in effect cancel our event.

Gazette No 113 of 29 May 2020 (pages 2262-2278) contains the full text. but I have highlighted the relevant paragraphs which apply to your industry/proposal.

Page 3: Recreation facility (major) means a building or place used for large-scale sporting or recreation activities that are attended by large numbers of people whether regularly or periodically, and includes theme parks, sports stadiums, showgrounds, racecourses and motor racing tracks.

Page 15: Item 24.Recreation facilities (major) No more than 10 persons (excluding persons engaged in work)


Bernard Bratusa
Deputy Chief of Staff
Office of the
Minister for Sport
Minister for Multiculturalism
Minister for Seniors
Minister for Veterans

To Conclude

Despite representations on our behalf by both our Governing Body Speedway Australia and our Local MP Steph Cooke’s Office to make an available “Exemption Application” on the matter and at least have our position re-considered, this has obviously been overlooked with the PHO remaining in place.

We feel terrible at this turn of events and wish to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to our many dedicated supporters.

On a brighter note we continue to hold out hope that our scheduled meeting on the 1st August will be able to go ahead…

Please continue to support our efforts to get you back “On Track” and enjoy our great sport!

Yours Sincerely,

Kerry Phelan
Honorary Secretary