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Gasworks Car Club Run to Gundagai — October 9, 2021

The Gasworks Car Club held a Club Run out to Gundagai on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

There were 7 cars with 13 people head off to Gundagai on Saturday. One car didn’t make it and had to be picked up on a car trailer and taken back to Junee, which we were sorry to hear.

We first went to The Transport Museum, which they opened up just for us to visit. It had many trucks to view, including a self made Fire Engine, there were lots of photos and the owners were very informative.

We then visited the Old Gundagai Gaol, we had a speaker telling us about the different rooms of the Gaol and the Lock up Keeper Residence, we all found it quite interesting and that Captain Moonlight had been locked up here.

We then had lunch at the Criterion Hotel and had a delicious lunch and a great chat.

We then left for home, everyone said they had a great day.

Our next run won’t be till next year now, but stay tuned about a Xmas Lunch get together after our AGM.

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Article and Images supplied by Wendy and Peter Harris