August 20, 2022 Vintage Speedway & Karts

The August 13th Vintage Speedway and Karts event was postponed to the following week — August 20, 2020, due to heavy rains predicted over the weekend of the 13th. These rains DID arrive with a massive downpour on the Saturday afternoon.

We hoped for better weather on the 20th… and on the Friday afternoon we had a couple of quick engine start tests that saw a little bit of dust… but overnight we had fair amount of rain… which become a long drizzle all morning.

So unfortunately, with safety of the drivers, their vehicles and our volunteers, the decision was made to cancel the event.

As the few photos taken show, the track was wet and muddy… but people had a chance to catch up with friends first. We hope to see you all back at Illabo Motorsport Park in October for the Alan Burkett Tribute Event.

Photos by Tristan Levy

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