New Infrastructure at Illabo Motorsport Park (August 2023)

In recent months Gasworks Motorsport Inc, who manage Illabo Motorsport, have been successful in obtaining funding through a couple of grants and thanks to members generosity.

Water Truck

We have purchased a secondhand water truck to replace the old water trailer. This was initially purchased thanks to a member fronting the initial purchase costs as the ideal model became available at a reasonable cost, and the club will be repaying this person back over a period of time.

At our August General Meeting, club member Tony Tundstall, generously donated $1,000 to place the Illabo Motorsport Park and the Gasworks Motorsport Inc logos on the new water truck.

The decals were produced by another club member, Phil Bramely, and were installed the day before the August 2023 Vintage Speedway and Karts event.

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Illabo Motorsport Park Banners around the Track
It turns out we didn’t need the full $1,000 funding for the water truck logo decals, so additional banners were purchased to place around the track to promote the location… We had already purchased some of these banners last year using funds from the ClubGrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants provided by the NSW Government to provide “Improvements to the Illabo Motorsport Park Spectator Area”. A few more arrived in time for the August 12 Vintage Speedway and Karts event that Blokesworld filmed.

We have some more arriving for the October Vintage Speedway and Karts event and these will be placed in strategic spots around the track.

Thanks to club member, Phil Bramely, the owner of Signtism, in Oak Flats (Shellharbour), who designed the banners and produced them for us.

You’ll see the banners in the backgrounds of many of the gallery photos from the August 2023 Vintage Speedway and Karts event.


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New banner in Spectator Area

Vintage Speedcar Association NSW
Thanks to member Nicole Fulligar (who many of you will know through her quad bike duties at Illabo Motorsport events), we now have a giant banner in front of the Grandstand in the Spectator Area. This banner was originally produced for the 40th Anniversary event of the Vintage Speedcar Association NSW , which was held earlier in the year.

Nicole deliberately included images of Vintage Speedway vehicles at Illabo Motorsport along with the Vintage Speedcar Association NSW logo, so it could then be donated to Gasworks Motorsport for use in the Spectator Area at Illabo Motorsport Park — making a vastly improved viewing experience in front of the Grandstand.


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New Merchandise Display Stand in Catering Area

Thanks to a $4,898 grant through the Australian Government’s annual Volunteer Grant, we purchased a variety of equipment to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for our volunteers through the purchase of:

  • 244 Piece 26″ 8 Drawer Tool Chest Kit (which included a bonus trolley jack)
  • A number of Power Tools, including Cordless Drill, Impact Driver, Angle Grinder, High Pressure Washer
  • Gardening Equipment, including a Hedge Trim and a Grass Trimer (both Battery Powered), plus spades, rakes, axe, and soil spreader
  • A Soup Kettle, to provide volunteers with warm soup during working bees, especially during the colder months of the year
  • Two Outdoor Gas Heaters, to keep volunteers warm during the winter months
  • A “Heavy Duty Work Station” — which is been used to safely hold the soft drink fridges and display snacks, plus provide convenient storage underneath to save volunteers lugging heaving boxes around
  • Heavy Duty Shelving and storage tubs for the storage sheds


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Stay Tuned…

There are a number of others projects currently under way out at Illabo Motorsport Park, thanks to various other funding sources we have recently obtained.